The Supernatural – Pastor Randy Raycroft

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1 Samuel 28:1-25
The supernatural is real.  There is evilness in the world and there is good in the world.  Fill yourself with the things of the Lord.
What is a ghost?  A soul or spirit of a dead person or animal (Ecc 12:7; 3:21).  Jesus made reference to ghosts in the Bible. 
The spiritual realm is real.  Angels are real and sent to serve us.  Human spirits are created when the physical body is formed.  Fallen angels or demons are the one third of the angels that fell. 
Humans live forever whether in heaven or hell. 
In the story from 1 Samuel there is evidence that there is life after death – the spiritist was surprised when Samuel appeared; Saul recognized him; the accurate prediction and the testimony of the text.
Choose whom you will serve.  There is coming a day when it is too late.